The Cheltenham

The Cheltenham - new model coming soon

Welcome to The Cheltenham, where dreams take flight.   High quality, great design, at a price that’s right. Elevated Living, Unbeatable Value In Meadow Spring’s hue, your haven’s serene,Affordable luxury, your perfect scene. A brand-new park home, with the design and quality you would expect. Launching soon at The World of Park and Leisure Show […]

Pro and Cons of Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing your home? What are the advantages

Downsizing to a smaller home can be a real opportunity for those looking to save money, and enjoy the equity freed up from their home sale. What is downsizing? Downsizing is when you buy a smaller home than the one you currently have. This is often a decision made by those who now have an […]

10 Good reasons to buy a mobile home

Bespoke luxury Lodge Windsor Exterior render with cladding

Are you thinking of buying a mobile home?  Whether you’re planning to move out towards the coast or a rural retreat, we list 10 good reasons to buy a mobile home.  Residential park homes are hugely popular right now.  Not only do they offer comfortable and modern accommodation, but they are also cost-effective, safe, and […]

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Static Caravan on Private Land?

Siting of a bespoke built lodge

Please note: This information is intended as a guide only and therefore not legal advice. Each council has different rules/interpretations, so it is wise that you check with your local planning authority for more detailed information. Do I need planning permission for a static caravan on private land? If you are thinking of siting a mobile […]

Meet Vickie in her beautiful Augustine

Meet Vickie a semi-retired hairdresser who recently moved onto her daughters land with her husband Dave. Why were you looking for a home? We wanted to sell our family home as it was getting too big for the 2 of us to maintain and we wanted to move closer to family so we could see […]

Things You Should Know When Buying a Home For Your Own Land.

granny annexe in the garden

There’s a handful of reasons why you may want to purchase one of our homes and site it on your own land: What do you need to consider when preparing your site for your own land? Access The most important factor when thinking of putting a home on your own land is site access. A […]

About Part Exchanging Your Property

Luxury bespoke built mobile home lodge open plan living room

Once you have found the perfect lodge to suit your new lifestyle, why not take advantage of Landscape Living’s part-exchange scheme? The process of selling your existing house becomes straightforward and hassle-free. Not only will you avoid the dreaded property chain, but you won’t need to pay estate agent fees. By part-exchanging, you can sell […]

Add a New Living Space Without Planning Permission*

Full design service

We offer a range of buildings that can be installed as a residential annexe on the drive or in the garden of your main house without the need for planning approval. This is possible because laws relating to touring caravans also apply to year-round accommodation on a larger scale, so your new building is regarded […]

Meet Phyl in her Bespoke Home

Meet Phyl in her bespoke built mobile home lodge

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a retired 71 year old HR manager. Back in 2020 I was living in a 4 bedroom detached house on my own after my husband passed away. Why were you looking for a home? I knew my house was too big for me on my own, so I […]

What Are BS3632 Standards

Landscape living bespoke built luxury lodges factory

If you’ve been doing some tip-top research into park homes or holiday lodges, you’ve probably come across the term ‘BS3632 standards’ a lot. You may understand that this means a high-quality finish to the home, but we bet you’re wondering what BS3632 standards actually are. To learn more about what BS3632 standards are, deep dive […]