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Meet Vickie a semi-retired hairdresser who recently moved onto her daughters land with her husband Dave.

Why were you looking for a home?

We wanted to sell our family home as it was getting too big for the 2 of us to maintain and we wanted to move closer to family so we could see them more.  We knew we didn’t want to use all the money from the sale to fund the new purchase, so it didn’t leave us with much choice with what was on the market.

How did you find Landscape Living?

Our son-in-law, Bill, did some research on granny annexes as they have a large garden so it was suggested that we move into their garden.  Initially we found The UK Caravan Centre and paid a visit to their showground in Billericay.  It was there that they had a Landscape Living home on display and I feel in love with the quality and homely feel straight away.



                                                                               What concerns did you have?

We were worried about getting into the property, even though the garden is very large, access is via a unmade private road with lots of trees.  Caroline organised for Paul to come along and assess the best way and the maximum size we could fit in..

Augustine in the garden of a family home

Paul took a great deal of time going through things that would need to be cut back or removed to fit and advised us that the largest size we should look at was 45ft x 22ft.




What made you choose Landscape Living?

After seeing the show home at Billericay, we went up to the factory and I fell in love with the Augustine straight away.  The layout was perfect for where the home was going in the garden by the pond.  I also like the fact that it didn’t feel like I was in a caravan plonked in the garden, I wanted and home and this felt just like that.

How did you find the process?

We met Caroline at the factory on a number of occassions to pick out furniture that we wanted and changes that we wanted to make, all were possible, nothing wasn’t able to be done.  I picked out different curtains for each room and changed the colour of the carpets to something more pratical with the dog.  Caroline also organised the decking company to come along as design what we wanted so that it was ready to be install the day the home arrived.  Everything was easier, never too much terrible.

                                                                               What is your favourite feature of your home?

Vickie hiscock in her living room

I love my walk in wardrobe, I never thought that I would have a space like it.  But the best part is being to wake up to the views of the pond and fields everyday, with the floor to ceiling windows in all the rooms.

How has our product changed your life?

We feel closer to our family but also we have all the independence that we want.  We don’t feel like we live in our families garden, it feels more like we live next door, we join in on all the family events, but when we have had enough we just head home.  We also have a nice amount of money in our saving from what was left of the house sale to go on all the holidays that we want and to treat our loved ones.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We have been in our home now for just over a year and it was the best decision we could have made for ourselves and our family.  Yes, we had to adjust our way of living with downsizing, but this would have happened even if we were in a traditional house, but the benefits of what we have done far out way anything.  I would urge anyone looking to downsize to consider this option is they have the space for it, you won’t regret it!

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