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If you’ve been doing some tip-top research into park homes or holiday lodges, you’ve probably come across the term ‘BS3632 standards’ a lot. You may understand that this means a high-quality finish to the home, but we bet you’re wondering what BS3632 standards actually are. To learn more about what BS3632 standards are, deep dive into this article…


What does BS3632 mean?

Usually, park homes and holiday lodges can be built to one of two standards – B3632 or EN1647. Here are the differences between the two:

  • BS3632 – BS3632 is the British Standard to which residential park homes (and some lodges) are built. They are suitable for permanent residence, and all year round use.
  • EN1647 – EN1647 is the European standard for caravan lodges, which are suitable for temporary, or seasonal holiday use only. This is because the EN1647 standard generally means that the mobile home won’t have an as high grade of insulation level and build quality as the BS3632 standards.

Why does it exist?

It is clear that BS3632 standards are more desirable and the option you’d likely prefer to choose for your home or lodge. In the absence of such guidance, some manufacturers may move straight to certain methods and materials which are not best suited to this type of home. In very rare cases, you may have structures built with no official standards or that aren’t suitable for residing in which could be dangerous. Some structures could be built and miss-sold as being suitable for habitation when in fact, they’re not. This is why BS3632 standards exist.

The history of park home and lodge standards

First published in 1963, the BS3632 standard for residential park homes specifically covers the quality of residential park homes. It also includes a list of criteria to ensure that all models are fit for their specific intention and safe for dwelling. The technical aspects of the legislation cover all requirements and codes of practice that must be adhered to. These mainly concern the construction and design of the residential park home itself. This includes elements such as water, gas and electric supplies, ventilation systems, preservation and maintenance of the residential park home. It also includes the measurements and size of the building itself.

Huge leaps in technology have allowed the design and manufacturing of park homes to be improved. For example, in the early days of residential park home manufacture, the levels of insulation and double glazing we see nowadays wasn’t available so the cost of heating and energy may have been proportionately higher. However, over time this has been improved massively. The introduction of BS3632:2015 gives the minimum specification for residential park homes in terms of ventilation, thermal insulation, stability once sited and room sizes etc. It addresses how to construct external walls, floor and roof, (excluding any door and window openings), in an energy-efficient manner. Our homes are suitable for all-year-round residency, no matter the season.

This new standard will see park homeowners see savings from reduced energy consumption and therefore running costs. This is relevant to designers, manufacturers, their main contractors, specialist sub-contractors and customers.

All of our homes are built to exceed BS3632 standards, and have been for many, many years! You can rest assured that you will be receiving the best of the best from Landscape Living. As the standards and regulations evolve and progress, Landscape Living always continue to develop construction methods to both meet and exceed the standards set. We pride ourselves in providing you with homes that are made to love and built to last. Quality comes as a standard with Landscape Living. We are always researching and discussing with suppliers to ensure we are aware and up-to-date with the latest and developing materials on the market. The newest set of regulations is set to be launched by the later part of this year, to which a key part focuses on energy efficiency in various materials and sections of a home.

Check out our luxury collection of homes and see for yourself. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our sales team are always happy to help!

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