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Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a retired 71 year old HR manager. Back in 2020 I was living in a 4 bedroom detached house on my own after my husband passed away.

Why were you looking for a home?

I knew my house was too big for me on my own, so I started the process of looking to downsize, then COVID came along. I have underlying health issues that meant I was isolating right from the started. It very quickly became a very lonely existence and I realised I need some support network around me. I wanted to be closer to my son and daughter-in-law but still wanted me independence, this is when we thought about an annexe in their garden.

How did you find Landscape Living?

After some research we knew we wouldn’t get planning permission to build something in the garden so we started searching for what the alternatives were and that’s when we found Landscape Living.

What concerns did you have?

We were concerned about the council letting us put the home in the garden. But after speaking with Caroline we went through the planning guidance that they offer and with her help my daughter-in-law applied to the council for a Lawful Development Certificate, which they granted within 10 weeks.

We also had concerns about the access into the garden. We don’t have any side access and have lots of overhead cables so knew we couldn’t go over the house with a crane. This is when Caroline suggested about the option to split the home in 2 halves for delivery, we spoke with the farmer who owner the field behind the garden and he gave us permission to come across his field straight into the garden.

What made you choose Landscape Living?

I didn’t want to fell like I was living in a holiday lodge and I wanted to bring my parts of my home with me. Landscape Living gave me the options to customise my home in every possible way. I choose my carpets, curtains, wallpaper. I went through the Howdens range of kitchens that were offered and picked my worktops and cupboards.

How did you find the process?

It was so simple, I made a visit to the showground in Billericay and viewed the model I was interested. From then Caroline took me through the home room by room, step by step to pick out my carpets, curtains, kitchen, I got to have it exactly as I wanted. Caroline organised for her team to come along and check the site requirements and when it arrived I was moving in within a couple of days.

What is your favourite feature of your home?

I love my patio doors, being at the bottom of the garden I have views of fields and the patio doors allow me to sit out on my decking and enjoy those. I also love the fact that I made my home 1 bedroom, so I have a very large room with lots of wardrobe space.

How has our product changed your life?

It’s amazing! I now get to see my grandchildren every day, I can look after them when my daughter and son-in-law need me to and be a part of their daily activities. It’s also bought me peace of mind, I can go about my daily routines but on the days that I need help my family are right there when I need them.

Why would you recommend Landscape Living?

Caroline and the team understand that this can be a massive change for people and they take there time going through each step of the process to make sure that everyone is happy. The choices that you have to design your home exactly as you want it is vast, every little detail is catered for.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If you are considering multi-generational living, go for it! Living with your family doesn’t need to be them “caring for you” I still feel like I live on my own but having that peace of mind is the biggest reward. We never thought we were going to achieve this, but 3 years on here I am living my dream.

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