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Once you have found the perfect lodge to suit your new lifestyle, why not take advantage of Landscape Living’s part-exchange scheme?

The process of selling your existing house becomes straightforward and hassle-free. Not only will you avoid the dreaded property chain, but you won’t need to pay estate agent fees. By part-exchanging, you can sell your existing property quickly and easily and you’ll be in your Landscape Living lodge before you know it.

Greater flexibility and making your move that bit easier

Our part-exchange scheme can be offered to any type of residential property, whether your Lodge is worth more or less than your current property.

While we naturally can’t guarantee that your existing property won’t sell for a better price on the open market, the time saved, lack of stress and flexibility in the part-exchange scheme makes it the clear choice for many customers.

The benefits of part-exchange are:

  • Certainty – The peace of mind of a guaranteed sale.
  • No Chain – Removes the risk of delays and fall-through that are often encountered with chains. With the security of a guaranteed sale on your existing property, you can avoid the risk of losing the home you want to buy
  • No Estate Agents’ Fees – Avoid paying estate agents’ fees which can cost anything up to 2.5% of the sale proceeds.
  • Flexibility – All types of residential properties, irrespective of the value, will be considered.
  • Flexible Moving Date – Arrange to stay in your property for up to 2 weeks after completion, helping to reduce the stress of moving home and allowing you flexibility when arranging your removals.
  • No Obligation – There is no charge for using this service and there is no obligation on you whatsoever to accept any offer.

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